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Eye Exercise You Can Do Every Day

Want to get healthy eyes in a way that is easy and can be done every day? You can start doing eye exercises. Movement in eye sports you can do while sitting and only takes a few seconds you know. Eye exercise can be useful to make eyes more comfortable, overcome tired eyes, prevent blurred vision, and make vision more focused. This activity is also useful for you who often move in front of the computer. Eye Sports Movement For some people, eye exercise is also useful to prevent minus the eye increases. Eye sports you can do the easy way and do not require a lot of energy. Three eye exercises that you can do while sitting are: Change focus from close range to far distance The first way you can do eye exercises is to change the focus of the melee to a rather long distance. First, place your thumb about 25 cm in front of your eyes and focus your gaze on your thumb for about 15 seconds. After that, shift your gaze to another object with a distance of about 25-50 cm and focus on t
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How to transmit hepatitis A and how to prevent it

Hepatitis A is a type of hepatitis due to infection which is still common in developing countries, including Indonesia. This is because transmission of hepatitis A can easily occur through drinking water, food, or poor sanitation. Come on, know how to transmit hepatitis A so we can prevent it. Hepatitis A is an infectious disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. This highly contagious disease is closely related to poor hygiene and sanitation. Let's get to know more about hepatitis A and how it is transmitted. Modes of Transmission of Hepatitis A The spread of hepatitis A virus occurs through the fecal-oral route, where the virus enters the mouth through objects, food, or beverages that have been contaminated with feces of hepatitis A patients. The following are some ways of transmitting the hepatitis A virus: From person to person Transmission of hepatitis A can occur when: A person suffering from hepatitis A does not wash his hands thoroughly after using the

Utilization of Laser Beams in the Medical World

Laser light has long been used as a therapeutic treatment for various diseases, such as hair loss, kidney stones, vision problems, back pain, to cancer. This treatment therapy uses strong light rays to cut, burn, or destroy abnormal tissue in the body. Laser light has a specific wavelength that is different from other rays. This one beam focuses on a certain point and emits light with a very high intensity. In the world of medicine, laser light enables doctors to do surgery more safely. This laser surgery technique focuses on a small area of the body without damaging the surrounding tissue. Types of Laser Beams There are many types of laser beams used in medical treatment. Different types of lasers, different conditions are handled. Here are a few examples: Carbon dioxide laser This laser beam is used to make incisions that are not too deep, such as in the removal of skin cancer. Argon laser This type of laser combines light with chemotherapy to kill more cancer cells.